Minding Mental Health

Happy New Year to you all! Here we go again another new year and people telling us what we need to do to look our best and live our best lives! We need to eat these foods, stop eating those foods, exercise this way, have this type of relationship blah blah. I am of the opinion that we are already amazing and should continue to be so for the year ahead. After all we have got to 2019 alive! I like to call changes I intend to make in the year ahead ‘tweaking’ rather than ‘drastic’ changes. Mental health to me is a priority and 2019 will be no different in that regard. I may mind my mental health even more so this year and I felt weary at the end of 2018.

Self Care and Self Compassion

Self care and self compassion are two things I have thought about while reflecting over the Christmas period. I don’t think we mind ourselves well enough sometimes, we look after others and almost neglect ourselves. We can feel guilty if we mind ourselves too much. Yet if we don’t mind ourselves what good are we to others? Have a think about ways to mind yourself better this year perhaps?

Self compassion runs alongside self care. Be nicer to yourself. I interviewed Bill Cullen many years ago when I worked in radio and he advised me that in order to look after myself and think well of myself that I should look in the mirror on my way out to work each day and tell myself that I am amazing. In the beginning this really made me laugh each morning, which I saw as a bonus anyway. However as time went on I could see the reason Bill did this. You begin to believe it and it sets you up for a potentially great day!

I suppose what I am trying to get across here is that for us all to mind our mental health this year. To do this we need to mind ourselves and be nicer to ourselves. Let’s start with small steps and ease ourselves into the journey 2019 may bring! Happy New Year!