Probably the most challenging time in our lives are the teenage years.

Emotions are all over the place, parents are ‘wrecking’ their heads, ‘no one understands me’, self-consciousness, the worry of what others think of them, self-harm, challenging friendships, bullying, their own sexuality and what that is, pressure to make up their mind and pick something to do after school, family dynamics…the list goes on – these are some of the presenting issues I see every day.

Counselling can be most beneficial for adolescents. It allows them talk about what is going on for them in a safe, non-judgemental space and they learn now to manage what is going on for them.


I see adolescents from 14 years up, no referral is required. For the first session a parent or guardian will attend also. Should the adolescent be suitable for my service we then book 6 sessions in. We will then review after 4 and see if they require more than 6. I mostly work off the CBT framework in conjunction with motivational interviewing.

If you would like to book a session for your adolescent and would like to discuss it with me, please feel free to call me on 087-2232538.